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Robin of Loxley is a stealth game, your mission is to retrieve as much loot as you can through the levels and avoid guards and security cameras. You cannot harm or knockout the guards so you will need to find a way to slip past them unnoticed, also you can distract guards by making noise or by footsteps, doing so the guards will investigate the source of the noise you made, temporarily changing their usual patrol route, you may take advantage of this and slip past them and get to guarded areas that otherwise cannot be reached without being detected. Remember that if guards will spot you they will start shooting at you and other guards will arrive very soon as reinforcements, you may try to escape them but this won't be that easy, so be careful and try to stay undetected.

Your mission is to retrieve as much loot, that is: purses with gold, chests and special items worth gold and usually well guarded.

When you complete a level, you will get some end level points evaluating your performance during the level, and the next level will be unlocked on the map. Also if you wish to improve the level score you may play again a certain level as many times as you wish, unlocking the top perfect achievement for each level won't be so easy.

The game includes a tutorial level explaining how the game works, and a Readme file explaining how the game works, the control buttons and so on is also provided with the game files.

What people say about the game:

"it looks like oldschool arcade game, with modern graphics. There is a lot of emphasis on sneaking mechanism, and a lot of things around it, making noise, distraction, and others. This is definitely a plus, because it's adding a "think quickly" element, to arcade mechanism of collecting loot. Gameplay looks very engaging."

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Published 289 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, Arcade, game, Stealth
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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